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The chapel of Pazzi is situated in the precincts of Santa Croce. Filippo Burunelleschi design it around 1430 after the completion of work on the Sacristy at San Lorenzo. The interior was completed in 1444 and the dome was vaulted in 1461. The structure was intended as a chapter house with a chapel, situated behind the altar, where the family of the patron was permitted to bury their dead.

The portico, built after Brunelleschi's death, conforms to his design. It serves to "filter" the light coming in from the outside. In this way the light admitted through the entrance wall 'merges' with the light from the dome, thereby creating a uniform intensity of illumination.

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Inside the chapel of Pazzi (below)

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The cloisters (left)

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'Farewell' on leaving the cathedral of Santa Croce(left)

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