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The approach to the hill summit and cathedral buildings with views from the hill top terraces  (left and below)

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The cathedral sits on the crown of the hill around which the old town is clustered. At the front and sides of the cathedral is a terrace that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding town, hills and valleys   (above)

Construction began before the year 1000. During the 12th century, the church was enlarged and modified in the Romanesque style and monofore (narrow slit windows) in Egyptian alabaster were added.

In the 13th century, the church was enlarged yet again in keeping with the popular Gothic style of the times. Characteristic ogive arches windows were also incorporated into the church during this renovation. Construction was finally completed between the 1500 and 1600 with the addition of two chapels and the choir.

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The cathedral's facade  (left and below) is, in fact, the side wall of the original church. It was built with asymmetric blocks of local limestone, known as albarese di Barga. The building was damaged in the earthquake of 1920 and subsequently renovated and strengthened (1927 to 1939). Care was taken to retain the church's original appearance so each limestone block was carefully removed, numbered and returned to its original position.

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The side door  (above) is surmounted by a bas-relief attributed to Biduino and dating from 1200. It is said to represents a family scene.  (left and below)

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